Consulting and Engineering Partner for the Pulp- & Paper Industry
Consulting and Engineering Partner for the Pulp- & Paper Industry

Delivery Programm


  • Vapor Hoods for the Dryer Section 
  • Machine Ventilation & Web Stabilisation
  • Multi Stage Heat Recovery Technology
  • Hall Ventilation
  • High-Efficiency Dryer Hoods
  • Former Mist Removal Systems
  • Ventilation for Ceiling and False Ceiling
  • Ventilation of Motors and Motor-rooms
  • Warm Water and Cold Water Systems
  • Cooling for MCC-/Switchgear Rooms
  • Noxious Fumes Exhaust Systems
  • Air Conditioning for Finishing and Storage Areas
  • Paper Conditioning Plants
  • Automation
  • Climatisation for Adjacent Areas
  • Cooling Systems for Control Rooms
  • Pulper Evacuation Systems